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2. I am always so worried something bad is going to happen.

Read Chapter 4 in the book

     The most important, basic universal truth is – we create our reality – absolutely. You are not powerless over your current situation. If you pay attention, you will realize how you create your own reality, how you re-create the same stories (with different players), how you sabotage your life, how you make choices based on erroneous beliefs that you are not enough, not worthy, and not deserving.

     To create the life you desire you need to understand that there are universal laws in place. The -Universal Law of Attraction- is one of the laws that determines how we create our reality. Subconscious thoughts, the storehouse of memories, directly create our current reality. The subconscious takes the information it gets from the conscious Mind and makes it real (your thoughts, words, actions, and images). It takes the information you focus on (where you put your attention and place your energy) and draws into your life experiences to match those thoughts. Much to your disappointment, your subconscious DOES NOT distinguish between negative and positive. It is the “Ultimate Yes-Man” and has no sense of humor. It takes everything literally. That is why you even need to be mindful of joking, making fun of yourself, and putting yourself down.

     Another very crucial element to creating your reality is that the words you choose make a big difference. For instance, using the words worry and concern, suggest that your thoughts and emotions are focused on the possibility of an undesirable result. Your focus, where you choose to place your attention, adds to that potential. There is a recognizable difference in saying “I am worried or concerned about something or someone” as opposed to saying that “what comes up for me about this is…” Instead of using the words right and wrong to define an experience use, “what works for me…” or “what doesn’t work for me.” These substitute words move you away from a perception filled with judgment. Accordingly, deciding whether a thought, feeling, behavior, or experience is loving or unloving for you, is quite different than judging it as good or bad. You are responsible for your choices. Therefore, when challenges arise, choosing the posture of observing and accepting as opposed to reacting from your judgmental beliefs allows you to “live in” this world and no longer be “part of” the dramas and chaos.

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     Your thoughts determine the emotions you feel, and the emotions you feel translate into the energy (e-motion is energy in motion) you send out and that energy draws in a matching vibratory energy. Therefore, what you think and say creates what you are living. If you are not attracting into your life what you say and imagine you want, you must first examine your subconscious to see what beliefs you hold. For instance, if you want a loving relationship, but your belief is that relationships are painful, take away freedom and individuality, and sacrifice happiness, it is no wonder your relationships reflect those beliefs. The Universe will bring us exactly what we believe to be our truth. Unfortunately, we all have many beliefs that have nothing to do with what we consciously desire Now.

     How often have you said or heard, “You reap what you sow,” or “What goes around, comes around”? Those sayings refer to the Universal Law of Attraction. If you spend ten minutes listening to your internal dialogue, it will become quite evident how your unhealthy thoughts contribute to the drama and chaos in your life and in your world.

     The truth is your intuition is your voice of higher wisdom. Therefore, your awakening process begins with this truth, "You are not your Mind.” Your true divine self nudges you many times and continuously send you communications via your “gut feelings”. This is your intuition. How many times have you heard yourself or others say, “I wish I had listened to my gut feelings?” That is because it is always the highest and best choice that is being offered to us through Your “Divine Consciousness”. When you function from the belief that your Mind is the only mechanism through which you can filter experiences of physical reality, then your Ego is in charge. The Ego separates you from your true divine higher self by putting its desires (which are limited and fear-based) before the true desires of your higher self (divine love), the desires you feel in your heart. You know you are listening to your Ego if you are coming from fear, worry, anger, frustration, etc…).

     When you feel yourself beginning to worry you will know it because you will begin to feel bad, simply;
(1) Stop
(2) Take a deep breath
(3) Ask yourself, “Is this the outcome I desire?”
(4) Tell yourself you desire the highest divine outcome and then let it go. Keep doing it until you no longer feel the need to think about what you were originally beginning to worry about.

This will help you to begin to attract less of what you worry about and don’t want and begin to attract more of the wonderful life you dream about and deserve.

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