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(1) How can I stop my negative thoughts from running my life?

     It takes courage to be willing to challenge your beliefs. To create more love in your life and less drama and chaos, you need a great deal of courage. Every person in every society has fears and demons. Fears show up in different ways as anger, jealousy, hate, envy, resentment and other negative emotions. Be willing to pay attention to your thoughts and acknowledge and be aware of your emotions in every moment.

     Awareness and willingness are the keys. What thoughts and beliefs are you willing to release so that new, more loving thoughts can take their place? In the quest for the life you want, are you committed to maintaining your old beliefs about how things work, or are you willing to change your beliefs in order to create the life you deserve?

     If your beliefs are lies or half truths that you tell yourself to give your current experiences meaning, then changing your beliefs or mind-set changes the meanings you attach to your experiences. How many times have you had preconceived notions prior to an experience, then something occurs to change your mind-set, and the experience ends up being different than you expected?

     Next time you go into a situation that you have been in before, go in with no expectations, and see how different that makes the experience. The mind-set or expectation of how things “should be,” colors our vision in a way that limits our experiences. When you learn to go with the flow, many more opportunities may enter your life because you are more open to the possibilities. When your limiting beliefs block the flow, they cause you to feel like you are being pushed and in turn, you feel you need to push real hard to just barely get what you need.

     Your willingness to expand your belief system is essential for personal growth. Many of us grew up believing a lot of things that are incorrect, unloving, and unhealthy. These beliefs keep us from moving forward on our journey in experiencing life fully and in achieving our greatest potential. So many of the beliefs you have about yourself are not true. Look at the word “believe”, you will see the words “be” and “lie” contained in it. So your healing begins when you accept that the person you have been programmed to believe you are, may not actually be your true self. Your willingness to expand your belief system, to include universal truths, allows you to move forward on your path of self-discovery and enlightenment. We use our perceptions to define our experiences. As we change our perceptions, our experiences change. Because perceptions are formed from beliefs, as you transform your beliefs into the knowing of divine truth, your experience of life will be one of love, abundance, peace, health, harmony, and joy. This is how to experience “Heaven on Earth” as it has been foretold many times.

     To create the life you desire you need to understand that there are universal laws in place. The “Universal Law of Attraction” is one of the laws that determines how we create our reality. Subconscious thoughts, the storehouse of memories, directly create our current reality. The subconscious takes the information it gets from the conscious Mind and makes it real (our thoughts, words, actions, and images). It takes the information you focus on (where you put our attention and place your energy) and draws into your life experiences to match those thoughts. Much to your disappointment, your subconscious DOES NOT distinguish between negative and positive. It is the “Ultimate Yes-Man” and has no sense of humor. It takes everything literally. That is why you even need to be mindful of joking, making fun of yourself, and putting yourself down.

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     Your thoughts determine the emotions you feel, and the emotions you feel translate into the energy (e-motion is energy in motion) you send out and that energy draws in a matching vibratory energy. Therefore, what you think and say creates what you are living. If you are not attracting into your life what you say and imagine you want, you must first examine your subconscious to see what beliefs you hold. For instance, if you want a loving relationship, but your belief is that relationships are painful, take away freedom and individuality, and sacrifice happiness, it is no wonder your relationships reflect those beliefs. The Universe will bring us exactly what we believe to be our truth. Unfortunately, we all have many beliefs that have nothing to do with what we consciously desire Now.

      How often have you said or heard, “You reap what you sow,” or “What goes around, comes around”? Those sayings refer to the Universal Law of Attraction. If you spend ten minutes listening to your internal dialogue, it will become quite evident how your unhealthy thoughts contribute to the drama and chaos in your life and in your world.

      What exactly is the Mind from a scientific perspective? The Mind is an automated warehouse of burdened, encumbered memories. It is a linear arrangement of complete multi-sensory records of successive moments (memory records) and operates according to a simple and undiscriminating system of logic that associates – even identifies – things that are in fact quite different. The Mind is a device whose purpose, or more accurately, design function, is to ensure the survival of oneself or anything that one identifies with oneself (including the Mind). SURVIVAL in the sense intended, goes beyond physical survival. It includes the survival of one’s ideas, opinions, and self-conceptions and thus results in being right and making others wrong, dominating and avoiding domination, justifying oneself and invalidating others.


     What emerges then is a contrast: survival or perpetuation of position VERSUS wholeness, completion, and experience. Perpetuating one’s position, however it may manifest itself: as self-image, ideology, fantasy, or whatever – is the essence of the Mind state and the source of all dissatisfaction in life. The danger of this Mind state lies in its furthering precisely that which denies the state of Self. Whereas the Self detaches from and transcends any particular position, it is in the nature of the Mind state to become attached. The Mind fastens onto particular positions and attempts to perpetuate them.

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     What stands in our way of attaining Mastery is only our point of view. Our point of view is the point from which we view – which we therefore do not see. Our point of view depends on our position. To "get off” our position, to leave it behind, is always uncomfortable and frequently terrifying. Whereas, in the state of BEING (true self) one knows and acts appropriately and naturally.

     In other words, you are not just your Mind! It is only a portion of your total being. Your Mind is like a computer; it accumulates whatever data it is fed. This data comes from your early life experiences and the beliefs society has taught to you. These become your beliefs about yourself, and the world. By the time you reach adulthood, you have created a filter system of antiquated beliefs through which each experience is passed and interpreted by your Mind. Although science and technology have brought us forward into a grand new world with greater possibilities than ever, many of our attitudes and feelings have not evolved equally as far.

     The reason you are less equipped to deal with opportunities presented today is because you drag along many -unloving beliefs- and misconceptions about the realities of your world. The truth is, most of us were born into families of dysfunction at some level or another. In this context, dysfunction is simply another name for fear. Because your consciousness is not separate, what you absorb from your time in-utero through your first six to nine years, is this fear - a deep sense of invalidation and emotional pain.

     Although we came to Earth to learn and evolve, learning is definitely optional hence the dynamics of free will. Once you accept this concept as one of the mechanics of human evolution, your desire to evolve beyond your current challenges will hopefully inspire you to seek out the most effective ways to assist yourself in this process. Facing challenges with a perception of them being part of a learning process is the means to garnering true wisdom. Challenges can give us the wisdom needed to broaden our perspective.

     Your beliefs and attitudes determine how you perceive your experiences. These perceptions determine the way in which you interpret each and every moment that makes up all the moments called "your life". In the midst of your next challenge, ask yourself a question based in Love, such as, “What is the gift I am to receive from this experience?” Then listen for the answer. This will lead you to the true purpose, or blessing to be received. The experience then becomes one of Love, not fear.

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     Begin by feeling the difference in your energy when you are in your heart versus your head. Notice that when you speak from the heart your voice changes. Human emotions run on a scale from low vibration to high vibration, from fear to love, from damaging to healing. Anger is low vibrational and destructive to the body. Joy is high vibrational and healing.

     You cannot hold fear and love simultaneously in your heart toward someone or something – these two frequencies cannot be held in the same moment. You cannot be angry at and loving toward someone at the same time. Why not? It is because these emotions are at opposite ends of the vibratory scale of emotions. Fear, in all facets, is at the bottom half of the scale, along with negative derivative emotions of anger, jealousy, rage, envy, and resentment. Love, in all its aspects, reigns in the top half of the emotional scale. Humor, joy, kindness, compassion and forgiveness are all in the higher range.

     Begin to live your life at the top of the emotional scale. Once aware of the power of emotions to affect the body, you step into the awareness that you are in charge of your daily reality. When you understand that your thoughts are potent things and that pain is an object within you that your body must work around, it becomes logical that Love heals all and fear blocks all. Therefore, as soon as you assimilate these concepts into your awareness, you will become masters of your emotions. With the ability to control your thoughts and be loving in every moment, you are able to create all that you desire and all that you require in your life and more.

     How do you live at the top of the emotional scale? Awareness is the key. Then, making a commitment to choose to come from love with every breath you take and every step you make. What is the climbing tool? Your belief system, your faith, your understanding of true-life issues and how to conquer them through Love. Mastering your inner health and outer reality occurs when, at all times, you are aware of your emotions and choose which emotions to express.

     Making Love the central point of life brings a sense of joy and fulfillment to all levels of life, from relationships with self to fulfilling interpersonal relationships. Only a person who has Love can give Love to others. How many times have you heard, “You can’t give what you don’t have?” How do you put self-love back into your life? Unconditional love, true unconditional love, is a moment-to-moment process. It is not a goal that is one day reached, but rather a moment-to-moment process.

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Following are the explanations of the

The First Step Is Forgiveness

     In my research it became apparent that everyone who has written about healing has dealt with the importance of Forgiveness as part of the healing process. In order to move forward, you have to release the past. Your resentment and non-forgiveness reduces the amount of love that can come from your heart, limiting your power to create love in your life. In order to forgive, you need to ask yourself, “Who do I most need to forgive?” Whose name or face pops up? Each person you are able to forgive from the depths of your being will increase the amount of Love you have inside. Most importantly, the first person to forgive is YOU.

The Second Step Is Maintaining Only Your Loving Beliefs and Being Aware of Where You Choose to Place Your Attention

     We create our reality through our levels of consciousness. Where you choose to place your attention is what you experience in your life. Accordingly, there are two levels of attention.
     The first level of attention is your set of beliefs. This consists of all that has been downloaded into your Mind by your family and society about who they think you are and should or should not be - all your judgments and criticisms about yourself and the world. This is the dialogue you hear in our head. This is the condition of the human Mind; a condition that keeps you stuck in your personal pain and prevents you from realizing your truth.

     The second level of attention, which is influenced by the first level, is where or on what you choose to focus your attention at any given moment. An example of how this second level works is when you buy a car. All of a sudden you see that same car everywhere. The cars were always there. It was not until you chose to place your attention on the other cars that they became part of your reality, your experience.

Because we create our reality through our levels of consciousness, it is imperative that you thoroughly reevaluate your unloving beliefs. A willingness to release unloving beliefs, along with vigilantly maintaining a conscious awareness as to where you choose to focus your attention, allows you to create peace, joy and love in your life. You pay a high price for how you use or misuse your attention. Therein lies the value in being constantly aware of it.

The Third Step Is Being Honest with Yourself and Others

     In order for you to stop your current pattern of unloving behavior and undesired outcomes, you need to be honest about what you allow yourself to think, say and do. Maintaining your integrity in thinking and dealing with yourself and others is a commitment you must make to experience honest, loving relationships. Although you may think you are always honest, recent studies have shown that people lie, on average, twenty-five times a day.

     One day, I was sitting and having an internal chat with myself and I asked, “Why do people lie so much?” At that moment I was shown a vision of a little boy running up to his mom. She then pointed to the broken glass on the floor and said, “Did you do that?” The little boy looked up, and because he had not yet experienced being punished for telling the truth, he said, “yes,” and with that his mom punished him. We learn to lie to avoid punishment, just like we learn to lie to get the reward of someone’s love or approval.

The Fourth Step Is Only Engaging in Loving Dialogue with
Yourself and Others

     Being willing to be impeccable with your thoughts and words is how you begin to experience honest, intimate relationships with yourself and with others. You start by not allowing yourself to engage in unloving, dishonest Mind chatter. The next step is refusing to engage in this same unhealthy manner of behavior when speaking with others. Gossiping is a great example of participation in being “un-impeccable”. Realize that everybody experiences this dishonest Mind chatter, and that is why it is extremely important to not take personally someone else’s comments.

The Fifth Step Is Asking Questions Before Assuming

Before reacting to someone else’s "stuff":
(1) Stop before reacting.
(2) Breathe.
(3) Then ask yourself, “Is this really about me?” If you are not sure, then do       not assume it is.
(4) Ask the person as many questions as necessary to clarify your       responsibilities in this "stuff".

     Do not forget when you assume you make an ass out of u and me. If you examine the origin of all your arguments with other people you would find that most have been started by faulty assumptions. Stop assuming and begin asking questions.

     Experiencing peace in your life is a moment-to-moment process, as are love and joy. Becoming aware of each moment is living in the present. Since the past is over and the future is not yet here, the place to live is in the Now. The Now is the present, a gift you can give to yourself. Your true power exists in the Now because you choose consciously in that moment to experience a life of peace, joy, prosperity and love.

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