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1. How can I stop my negative thoughts from running my life?
     For more information go to Chapters 1,3,4, &5 in Beth’s Book

    Many of us are so busy doing so much, we really have no time to “be”.
When did we become a world of doers? You wake up, perform your daily rituals, then go to your job, or do other daily activities. When the day ends, you rush home; prepare and eat dinner, watch TV, get ready for bed, go to sleep… and then begin the same routine again the next morning. However, while you are doing all these things, a part of you is constantly assimilating information from all you hear, see, think, feel and say. All of this becomes all the things you “hear” in your head. Most people are unaware that while they are so busy “doing”, the Mind is running the show - without supervision.

    Taking time to “be” with your thoughts allows you to begin paying attention to the unhealthy information being ingested, digested, and regurgitated. This simple task of taking time to be with your thoughts begins the process of living your life in a conscious state of awareness.

    Your Mind is constantly being bombarded with negativity about what is wrong in the world. The media and other people continually share their slanted, negative, and limited perspectives. Your own personal experiences and memories contribute to this as well. Ultimately, all of this negative stimuli evokes feelings of anger, frustration, and helplessness. As a result of these feelings, along with the feeling of having no control over your reality, you begin to deflect your responsibility for your own life and begin to blame others for your choices, actions, and mistakes.

    When asking why things seem so chaotic in your life and in the world today, if you listen to yourself carefully, you will realize that you spend a lot of time finding fault with others. Our tendency as humans is to blame others for the negative things that happen to us. This limited and destructive perspective makes us feel powerless. If someone or something else is responsible for the negative things happening to you, you feel there is nothing you can do. No wonder you feel drained, depressed, angry, frustrated, and physically ill.

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    We search outside of ourselves for answers, rather than within. We look to other people and things to resolve our feelings of powerlessness. This clearly cannot work. In addition to blaming others, we tend to practice avoidance. We believe that in order to be least affected by negative things, all we need to do is "mind our own business" and avoid people and situations that bother us.

    However, you soon realize that that doesn’t work either, still leaving you stressed, drained, frustrated, and powerless. Eventually, all this stress and frustration takes its toll on your body, showing up as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other ailments. The physical manifestations of negative stress are signals that force you to take notice, to direct your attention toward yourself, and to begin an internal adjustment of your attitudes and behaviors. Adjustments in behavior are the result of making changes in your beliefs.

    Changing your life is an inside job. Knowing this is the first step. It takes hearing and reading wise, loving information over and over in order to replace the ingrained old thoughts, words, and actions.

    My passion is to help you remember a deep-seated truth that is within each of us, the truth of our magnificence. When your mental, emotional, and physical bodies align with Spirit’s unlimited Love, there is no lack, no self-imposed limitation. Everything is possible. When everything is in alignment with Love, the true desires of your heart are revealed, and you live your life with passion.

    It may sound simple but it is not easy, because it requires telling the truth to yourself. And the truth is…what is “out there” reflects what is “in here.” It all starts with personal responsibility. What is “out there” in the world is quickly created as a mirror for what is “in here” in your Mind and heart. What you feel, think and run away from in fear will quickly reappear in front of you as something else, showing you what is going on within. It is the Universe’s way of always respecting our power of free will. It will always represent to us who we think we are, so that we can see it and change it if it is not to our liking.

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    You attract who you are, not what you want. When you see others and react to others with judgment, criticism, anger, jealousy, resentment, frustration and other forms of fear, you can always locate those same emotions lingering within the pathways of your Mind toward yourself.

    One of the first and most important steps in creating the life you want, instead of the life you do not want, is taking complete responsibility for the life you are living now. Responsibility is acknowledging the truth about your life. Take ownership of your life’s circumstances without blame. Instead of feeling judged, the attitude of taking responsibility, places you on a direct path of self-discovery.

    Responsibility is becoming aware of your truths and the truths about how you are living your life right now. Refrain from judgment in your observations of your current circumstances and choices that you have made thus far. Asking if what you have done is right or wrong or bad or good will not bring you to self-discovery, it will only take you further from the truth and the answers you are seeking. If your goal is to create the life you desire and deserve, you need only look as far as your inner resolve. You have been accustomed to looking for answers outside of yourself when it is from within that the solution is reached.

    All the great masters who have walked the Earth have spoken of “going within” and being the Love that we truly are. To do this requires a change in attitude, a shift in perception that moves you to look NOT at the crisis you see outside but to the peace you can create within. Doing this requires no great leap of imagination or test of faith. It begins with a simple thing called willingness.
The truth is, “as within, so without”. Within all of us is the power to change the most important thing in the world: ourselves. Asking yourself specific questions helps to determine what in your life either serves or does not serve you in being your true, authentic, loving, divine self. Then be willing to listen and to choose to act upon the loving answers that come from within. The truth is…”If you always go within, you will never go without!”

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    Many of us have been programmed to believe that we are not enough. You have been programmed to exist in a sense of lack, creating a survival mentality. You have been programmed not to know Love and certainly not to know or Love yourself. By the time you were nine years of age, your basic beliefs and outlooks were set in concrete. You consciously and unconsciously agreed to those beliefs. As you grew, your body, intellect, and many of your ideas may have changed, but the bottom line is that you are ruled emotionally by the immature beliefs taken on by the little boy or girl who lives within the breast of each of us. The little boy or little girl does not know the truth, but has agreed to it anyway.

    A successful technique to recognizing “we are not our Minds” is to observe our most common thoughts and then give your Mind a name. Some examples are: The Committee, The Critic, The Analyst, The Tormentor, The Whiner, or whatever best describes the dialogue in your head. Because thinking is only a small aspect of consciousness, this technique assists you in beginning to make the distinction between your Mind and your higher consciousness. Clearly, there is an Intelligence at work within you that is far grander then the Mind.

    At this point you understand how your Mind works and that your thoughts and words have a more powerful effect on your life than many of your actions. What now? You still have to live with your Mind. So how do you begin to take the Mind out of the drivers seat and have it become a quiet passenger? How do you begin to experience peace in your life today?

    Here are 5 very powerfully effective steps for stopping negative thoughts from running your life and beginning to create peace of mind. They are explained in detail if you click on the expanded answer for this question. (click here…)

  • (1) The First Step Is Forgiveness for Yourself and Others

  • (2) The Second Step Is Maintaining Only Your Loving Beliefs and Being Aware of Where You Choose to Place Your Attention

  • (3) The Third Step Is Being Honest with Yourself and Others

  • (4) The Fourth Step Is Only Engaging in Loving Dialogue with Yourself and Others

  • (5) The Fifth Step Is Asking Questions Before Assuming

These steps are explained in detail if you click on the expanded answer for this question or (click here…) to go to teh Expnaded version of the 5 Steps.

Be diligent about these steps if you truly want to experience peace instead of all the drama and chaos you are currently experiencing from all your negative thoughts running your life.

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