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4. Why do I always feel so lonely?
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Loneliness arises from the belief in the illusion of separation. The belief is that you are separate from Love, God, All That Is--along with the belief that you are separate from your responsibility in creating your reality. No matter how many times you have experienced abandonment from the outside world, it is you who are now abandoning yourself and that continually creates the feeling of being lonely. So ask yourself, “How am I not showing up for myself?--What loving self-care can I begin doing for myself?” When you begin taking loving action for yourself, you will begin to feel and then you will be able to remember the true love that you are.

     The truth is that God is Love and God is All That Is. If God is Love and if God is All That Is, one can only conclude that nowhere is there anything but Love. We were all created in love, made as glorious reproductions of our Creator. Love is the will of the All; it is the motivating force in all things, even in fearful things. So, what is fear? Fear is the absence of the knowledge of Love but not different than Love. Fear is absence of knowledge -a condition created in the realm of perspective or belief. This realm is extremely powerful since your perspective or belief determines your interpretation of your circumstances and ultimately defines your experience. Some familiar forms of fear are jealousy, resentment, anger, envy, frustration, and intolerance. These fears are simply, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

     The truth is… we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. We are all sprung from the same divine root and that root is unlimited, infinite, and free by its essential nature. We all contain this same divine, unlimited, infinite, and free core within our hearts. The truth is you cannot ever be otherwise, although you have free choice to play with the polarity - the judgment aspects of your Mind, continually creating illusions of bondage, servitude and the need to control. The whole of God is in every part of you because your divinity is total and absolute. Many of us have thought it was the other way around. You have never been separate from Love for an instant and never will be, because it is your true identity.

     Man sees himself as having fallen from grace and therefore cannot be part of the Spirit of God! This is how the illusion of separation from God was created. When you open your hearts to the love you have for yourself, you will see the world transform and begin to experience more love in your life. Gandhi said it so perfectly, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” All you have to be is who you already truly are - Love in physical form.

     Transformation is not an intellectual process so your negative beliefs can slow or even stop the process from happening. Individually, transformation begins when you simply say “yes” to your heart, “yes” to love. Transformation occurs when you embrace and totally accept the truth that is found in your heart. Transformation is not about the intellect. If we could transform by our intellect, our world would be a very different place. The intellect does not, cannot, do it. The intellect was designed to be the servant of the heart; however, through eons of time we have managed to allow the intellect to be the servant of the Ego. The way to transformation is to love absolutely that baby girl or baby boy that lives within you and desires only absolute, unconditional love.

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     As we evolve as human beings we are coming to know the truth that we are all created in Love and are spiritual beings. The heart is the source of your power, treasure, freedom, identity, and life. The heart is forever connected to God, and through the heart you will receive your blessings, the treasures of joy, love and the ever greater abundance waiting for you.

     To experience joy in your lives, all that is necessary is for you to return to your heart. The heart is the key to the treasures held for you beyond time and unlimited possibilities. Dispel the illusion of negativity by placing your attention on your heart and using the Power of Love you find there to shape the world you want.
     In your heart your Truth is found. You are co-creators, made in God’s image and thus you manifest the beliefs of your heart. The heart is where you are connected to God, so all the power, all the light, all the love of God pours directly and unfailingly to and through your heart.

     If deep in your heart you are afraid, if you believe your heart is broken, if you are afraid that love will hurt, if you keep yourself protected, if you feel the world is hopeless, if you feel that life is not worth it, if you feel the world is about to end be it from pollution, chaos or war, then God’s response is… so it is! Whatever is placed before the opening of your heart is what God/Love will bring forth to help you create. You are the heart of God gone forth to create. There is only Love to create with. Awaken to the truth of love and place your every resource with your true and glorious heart and you will come to the realization that Love is the only power. Truly, it is the heart with which you always create. It is your Ego and Mind that places judgment on what you experience, and up until now, filters what you actually draw in and recognize as your experience.

     Find the courage to tell the truth. “The truth will set you free.” The heart is your link to the essence of the soul. It is in this connection, this capacity, that you are capable of containing and accessing wisdom. Clarity of emotions gives you great powers of discernment. It is only in the heart that the truth can be felt. In the intellect, truth can be contemplated but not fully grasped. In the final “understanding,” it is only the heart that knows what is true. Therefore, embracing your emotions leads you to the simple truth: The truth of who you are and what is the most loving choice for you in each and every moment. The intellect can never do this.

     Another truth is that we are all One. Therefore when we do for others we are ultimately doing for ourselves. That being said, it would greatly increase your feeling of connectedness (the opposite of loneliness) for you to find some way to be of service to others. Being of service also gives you a feeling of appreciation for your own life and that is how your reality expands into more of what you want and deserve.

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