What Are People Saying About Beth?


“In the five years since I have known Beth Fortman-Brand, I have experienced a caring, very wise and knowledgeable Spiritual Teacher with an extraordinary gift to act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Her ability as a medium to bring forth clear, specific messages from across the veil has been a great blessing for those longing to connect to their loved ones in Spirit. In addition to the remarkable clarity of her messages, Beth’s wonderful compassionate nature sees her delivering heavenly messages with great kindness, an open gentle heart and grace.

She has lovingly bridged Heaven and Earth for me, as my beloved father recently crossed over, and she has gifted me with the joy of continuing to experience his wit, his fatherly pride, his wonderful sense of humor and his great love for me.

Thank you Beth for sharing your remarkable gifts and your immense shining light as you create such a beautiful world with your messages of love from Spirit.”

Claire Candy Hough
Author, Reiki Master/Teacher, and
Angel Practitioner


“Let me first say there is no one like Beth Fortman-Brand. She has helped me understand and believe that the love of my life, my husband, who transitioned a bit over a year ago is still here. Not on only does he "Speak“ to me, he speaks to her. And this is not the first time that Beth has led me out of pain into truth. Many years ago my husband and I lost our money and we believed that life wasn't worth living. Out of the depths of our gigantic fear, Beth once again showed us the truth. And as a friend said about her, she's the least woo-woo, woo-woo person you'll ever meet - and with the biggest heart.”

Maia Berens
Life Coach Trainer
Spiritual and Personal Development Teacher
Creator of YOU University


“I am eternally grateful that Beth Fortman-Brand entered my life when I was at a highly impressionable age. She has coached me for over 15 years, starting from the tumultuous adolescent years, teaching me how to be independent while also helping me build a strong mother-daughter relationship as a teenager. Beth is an expert on interpersonal relationships, she provided me with the proper tools to welcome a loving husband into my life and has helped me navigate through hard times in friendships. I will forever be reminded of her when I don't shy away from expressing myself.”

Lauren Seltzer
Event Planner
Los Angeles, CA


“Beth Fortman-Brand is a remarkable, insightful person. Who has guided me through the last 10 years of my life.  Beth has been patient, loving and kind. She has been to the point and clear about crucial issues I have had in my personal and business life. I am a single mother that has raised two amazing boys, with her help. Using the tools she has given me, I have step-by-step plan to discover exactly what is holding me back from success. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Beth for everything you have helped me with, you are a blessing sent by God!”

Christina L. Ray
Interiors by Christina Inc.
San Diego, California


“I met Beth when I was 38, I am now 56 years old and have been coached by Beth now for 18 years.

On my first coaching session with Beth she shared with me that it appeared to her I was coming from lack and fear – this is when Beth shared “lack and fear can’t co-exist with love and abundance” and that I would really need to understand this. To this day, my family and I live our lives with much love and abundance- and we work diligently on having zero fear!

When I met Beth, she would share with me that I have the foundation however, I was challenged on how to “tap into” my higher self. I lacked the tools and courage to move forward in creating my abundance – and Beth’s intuitiveness made the difference, I was able to start my “shift” instantly and the results have not stopped showing up, 18 years later.

Beth was able to understand who I was and what I stood for, that understanding combined with her intuition plus, her love and passion for the betterment of one’s self – was truly a winning combination, exactly what I needed then and still benefit from now!

Furthermore, Beth has been coaching our 22year old daughter since she was 5 years old and our daughter’s enlightenment and abundant life is a direct result of working with Beth for much of her childhood and now into her adult life.  I’m pretty confident when I say that. Beth is truly the best!” 

Bob Barson
Chief Relationship Officer
National Permit Company
Orlando, Florida


“Over the last 14 years, Beth has been coaching me in all aspects of my life. As a little girl, at only 8 years old, I began my journey with Beth working one on one. During these early years of my life I was young and eager to learn. This point in my life was crucial because what I practiced was going to shape the girl I was going to become. As I entered my teenage years, our talks were more geared towards things like boys, growing up, and coping with the busy schedule of school and extracurricular. Going into college, our talks began revolving around the real world, jobs, and becoming an adult. Recently, we have discussed things such as my relationship, marriage, children, and purchasing a home. Because Beth and I have had such a close relationship throughout the years, it's amazing how much we've grown together. Throughout our journey together, there are things that I have never lost sight of- gratitude and love. Beth has constantly reminded me of how important these two things are to my life among many other things. I feel so blessed to have had the guidance of Beth throughout my life and am so excited to see what is to come.”

Hannah Barson
Hanzian Designs


"A chance meeting in Fiji many years ago drew Beth and I together - and I thank my lucky stars for that day! But then nothing is by chance ... Beth's innate strength, her crystal-sharp, perceptive and loving heart, and her powerful curiosity with what makes us tick has helped - not just me - but many people across the globe, to develop the life skills that lead to a happier, healthier self. Without Beth's constant, kind and gentle guidance, or her patience and understanding, I would not be where I am today. I genuinely would not be the confident, strong, or successful person I feel I've become! Beth's ability to communicate with, and relate to people from all walks of life, no matter what their circumstances or life experiences, is frankly, incredible. Beth is an intuitive and gifted facilitator and strategist and I highly recommend her."

Evie Serventi MSc
Sport & Exercise Psychologist in training